Actuation & Flight Control Systems

As a System Integrator, MAG offers a complete and wide range of equipment for Actuation and Flight Controls.
Consolidated agreements with international Universities, Labs and Research Centers ensure innovation, reliability and quality of all equipment.

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  • dampers
  • Flight Controls
  • Flight Controls

• Design
• Lab Tests
• Equipment Qualification
• Prototypes and Mock-up (Rapid prototype technology)
• Production & Assembly
• Kitting
• System Integration

Integrated Flight Control Systems

Fixed Flight Controls

  • Hydraulic Servo Actuators
  • Electro-mechanical Servo Actuators
  • Swaged Mechanical Rods
  • Pedal Assemblies
  • Mixing Units, Torsion Tubes
  • Cyclic & Collective Control Sticks

Rotating Flight Controls

  • Main rotor hydraulic Dampers
  • Pitch Link Assemblies

Other Linkages

  • Bellcranks
  • Rotor Brake Lever Assy

Just in Time Kit Approach
MAG contributes to reduce OEMs’ time to assembly and stocks. The hundreds of components of each shipset are delivered in kits designed to feed the OEM assembly line needs.

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