Activity on Airbus H145 Babcock air ambulance helicopter

On Friday 28th March 2020, for the first time in Monteprandone, a bulkhead separating the cockpit and passenger cabins was installed in an Airbus H145 Babcock, the only operator installing this equipment up to now

As well as being a definite benefit for nighttime operations, particularly those using night vision aids, the primary aim of the bulkhead in EMS craft is to separate the staff in the patient cabin from the crew in the cockpit, especially when transporting patients who could spread an infection to the crew.

The current importance of installing this update is self-evident from its function, as is the need for us to be able to rapidly produce others like it.

MAG’installation has been validated by AH (see information notice No. 3492-I-25 Airbus Helicopters)

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