Business Units

Over time, MAG has developed and consolidated transversal technological expertise: mechanical, hydraulic, electro-mechanical, electronic.

Our main objectives

Flexibility in integrated product development.
Customer satisfaction: MAG aims to express extreme flexibility in the critical phases of the relationship with Customers.
Proposal: On time, inventive co-specification.
Product: Design of adaptable or multipurpose solutions.

Just in Time Kit Approach

MAG contributes to reduce OEMs’ time to assembly and stocks. The hundreds of components of each shipset are delivered in kits designed to feed the OEM assembly line needs. The processi is supported by state of the art management information systems.


The SBU 1, “Integrated Aircraft Systems”, offers primary (safety critical) technological systems, designed for a specific aircraft. The highly experienced design office and test lab have a consolidated background of expertise in mechanical, hydraulic, electromechanical and electronic technologies on transversal projects, as well as proprietary technologies. Lean manufacturing approach is the core of our production strategy, to provide quality and cost-effective products.
Customers receive support for the entire life of each product.

Actuation & Flight Control Systems
Landing Systems


The SBU 2, “Aircaft Services”, offers proprietary technological systems for noise reduction and cabin interior management, targeting passengers comfort and the most demanding requirements. A complete range of completion, refurbishment and MRO services, to provide end-customers or operators with a customized aircraft that meets the requirements of their specific mission.

Cabin Interior
Aircraft MRO & Mission Customization