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Mecaer Aviation Group acquires Euroavia

With this acquisition, Mag consolidates and strengthens its position as Italian leader in the helicopter maintenance market, extending its presence to the entire national territory.

Mecaer Aviation Group (MAG), a Novara company owned by Fondo Italiano d’Investimento Sgr from 2021 and a leading operator in the offer of systems and technologies for the helicopter, business aviation and general aviation sectors, has completed the acquisition of 100% of Euroavia.

Founded in 1994 in Reggio Emilia, Euroavia is one of the main Italian players in the management and maintenance of rotary and fixed wing aircraft, and offers various types of services, including interior renovation and painting. Since 2008 it has been recognized as an Leonardo Helicopters Service Station and has multiple certifications from regulatory agencies, military organizations and customers in the sector (e.g. EASA Part 145 AMO and PART M CAMO). It operates on two hangars for a total of 1,500 square meters located at Reggio Emilia Airport. At the beginning of 2023, the construction of a third hangar will start, which will increase Euroavia’s maintenance capacity by more than 50%.

With the entry of Euroavia into the Group, MAG consolidates and strengthens its position as an Italian leader in helicopter maintenance, extending its presence to the entire national territory thanks to the combined capabilities of the Monteprandone (AP) plant, which operates mainly with government and private operators in the Centre-South area, and that of Euroavia, based in Reggio Emilia for the entire Centre-North,  which will continue to be managed by the current management team led by Maurizio Neri.

The acquisition of Euroavia is the first step in an inorganic growth strategy of the Mecaer Group in the business of helicopter maintenance on the national territory.

With a turnover of about 150 million euros in 2022 and a significant growth recorded in the last 5 years, MAG now has 5 production sites (including one in the United States and one in Canada) and over 700 highly qualified employees. The Group is a Tier 1 supplier to the world’s leading helicopter manufacturers, including Leonardo Helicopters, Airbus Helicopters and Bell Textron, as well as to the largest manufacturers of landing gears for fixed and rotary wing aircraft such as Collins Aerospace and Safran. As part of helicopter maintenance services, the Group directly serves some Italian State and Air Force Corps as well as parapublic customers in the North-East of the United States.

MAG generates a turnover of around 40 million euros just in the helicopter maintenance services sector, which is expected to grow substantially in the medium term also thanks to the integration of Euroavia, with over 40 helicopter maintenance bays and over 60 certified maintenance technicians.

«I strongly believe in the strategic importance of this first step of growth of the Group in a rapidly expanding sector such as helicopter maintenance and I am sure that,  thanks to the constant support of the Shareholders, MAG will be able to further develop with acquisitions also in other geographical areas relevant to the aeronautical sector such as North America»,  says Bruno Spagnolini, CEO of the Mecaer Aviation Group.

“Fondo Italiano d’Investimento is enthusiastic about the first M&A transaction completed by MAG and congratulates all the management,” said Gianpaolo Di Dio, Senior Partner of Fondo Italiano Consolidamento e Crescita. “The Group is a best-in-class platform and, thanks to this acquisition and future ones, it will continue to consolidate the integration of the aeronautical equipment supply chain in Italy and abroad, increasing its ability to provide state-of-the-art services and products to leading manufacturers in the aerospace and defence sector.”

Mecaer at the 2021 NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE)

Held in Las Vegas from October 12 to 14, this was the event that we have been waiting for.

After two years of exhibitions, conventions and airshows cancelled due to Covid, operators and manufacturers have finally returned.

During these past two years, Mecaer has never stopped its activities and the R&D underlying the products it supplies to the aviation market. The event was therefore the perfect platform to make important announcements, such as the nomination of Mecaer as “Best in Aviation” for its VIP Bell 525 interiors and the new collaboration with GFG Style.

In addition, the new Mecaer Completion Center in the Bensalem (Philadelphia) PA ha attracted great interest in the North-American market as the site is conveniently located close to major manufacturers and provides both MRO and cabin completion services, guaranteeing a one-stop turnkey service to its Customers.

Lots of people, lots of business with a great desire to do more and better.